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The Best Way To Install Gloss Car Wraps


Companies everywhere are adding custom wraps to their cars to make them stand out against otherwise bland traffic. Car wraps are becoming a huge marketing and fashion tool these days. Despite the fact that wraps look incredibly complex and flashy, the truth is that they are not difficult or complicated to design or print. And the removal of graphics is even simpler. If you know what you are doing when you get your wrap, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars.


Two basic ways can be used to install Gloss car Wrap. One method uses water to help apply the wrap to the car, similar to how some wallpaper is applied. Most people believe that attempting a wet application is the easiest method, but experts say that isn't the case. Most application experts recommend a dry application. Basically, you pull the wrap over the car without doing anything else.


Once you know the way that you are going to attempt to put on your car wrap, you will want to ensure that the wrap is going to fit your car. Although car wraps are designed to fit certain vehicles, you should still test them out. The easiest way to do this is by using masking tape. Place the sections of the wrap over your car and tape them on. Once all of the pieces are taped on, step back and take a look at how your car will look.


If everything works out for your car, you can remove the backing of the car wrap now. You will need to apply the car wrap to the sections of the car using a squeegee. It is important to work slowly and use a squeegee to make sure that the wrap lies flat. Many people believe that to make a car wrap fit, you should pull and stretch it. Pulling your wrap tight will create weak spots and potentially tear it, even though it is designed to stretch.



In the next step, you will need to check for air bubbles on your car. These bubbles will ruin the look of your car and will not ensure a strong bond to your car. You can solve this problem by using a pin or needle to poke a small hole in the bubble and slowly press out the air, then smooth it out with your squeegee. Do not use razor blades on car wraps.


With razor blades, cuts are difficult to make small enough, and they tend to form weak spots. In these weak spots, the wrap can actually start ripping and become useless.

When you have installed your car wrap, you will need to cut it to allow you to open doors, use mirrors, and wipe the windshield.


The hardest thing about this step is to make sure that you don't cut too deep so that you don't cut the paint of the car underneath. In order to avoid damaging your car's paint, it is always better to make more than one cut. Always consult a professional when installing car wraps. It is not advisable to try installing Car Vinyl Wraps alone if you are not comfortable with these steps.